What is ColorIQ ?

  • ColorIQ is a flexible learning environment for interior designers, color consultants, stagers and color designers to learn about color specifically in the architectural space.

  • Every step of the way you will be working with your instructor, other students, professional guests, to create an immersive and dynamic learning experience.
  • ColorIQĀ  teaches material that is supportive ofĀ our students' goals in a clear, concise presentation. NO complicated formulas, NO one-size-fits-all "methods" and, NO basic color theory. ColorIQ curriculum is authentic, rigorous and thorough.
  • The primary focus of ColoIQ is to partner with in your knowledge and success.

Your Instructors

We take pride in finding the best teachers that our industry has to offer. If you want to learn from the best this is the place to be.


Teresa Tullio's 20+ years of experience includes working with numerous high-profile clients and completing over 5000 successful projects from urban townscapes, restaurants, residential homes, commercial businesses to healthcare institutions.

As a graduate of IACC-NA (International Association of Color Consultants), Teresa studied under the direction of the highly respected, Professor Frank Mahnke.

Teresa was also the creator/owner of Pure Home Color Bar in Kirkland, Washington where her full-spectrum paint line and custom colors became the popular choice for thousands of home and business owners.

Ā Instructor

Gloria Robertson has over 20 years of experience as a Certified Architectural Color Consultant, Designer, and Educator. Gloria holds professional certifications from the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC-NA), the Eiseman Institute for Color Information and Training, and the Business of Color ColorIQ program (CACC level 3).

In addition to founding Colors for Health and her Architectural Color Consulting practice, Gloria Robertson has taught at the Boston Architectural College in Boston, Massachusetts and the ColorIQ Program in San Diego, California.