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Karina Torres CACD

“This course was everything I’ve been looking for & more! Teresa is such an amazing mentor and has taught me so much valuable information that I will forever be so grateful for. I feel 1000% more confident in my color design knowledge and can’t wait to utilize everything I’ve learned to enhance my clients experiences. This is by far one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. You can not pass up this opportunity!” -- 

Corrie Taylor CACC, CACD


"Over the years, I have been to all three of Teresa’s Color IQ Courses…I had done my research and reviews prior to attending the first level…CACCI...and was not disappointed.  I recently complete Color IQ course...CACD.  I found it to be the most fun and informative of the three certification courses…a hybrid of sorts between CACD and CACCI & CACC II.  I had my assistant attend with me, not knowing whether it would prove too much without having attended the first two levels.  The CACD course is transitional in its format approach and course material.  It maintains the ablity to be grasped by the designer with minimal knowledge as well as the experienced design professional.  As a seasoned designer and color consultant for more years than I would like to admit…I still found this extremely “hands on” course approach to blur the lines of how we perceive design through Architectural Color.  Teresa encourages you to think outside the "color" box and look for ways to achieve the unexpected to set the true design professional apart from their peers.  This is a must have, "bucket list" course that any design professional should want to add to their educational certifications.  It changes the way we have always looked at color and challenges even the most senior designer to observe architectural color in an advanced and innovative way!" 

Tony Ramirez CACC

"I originally came across the ColorIQ program as a recommendation I had found through the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). I have always been extremely fascinated with color, and my education dealt with digital design, so I wanted to take the opportunity to learn about color as it applies to the home. This program was much more than I could have imagined before going into the course. Teresa's mentorship has been invaluable, and I have been provided with so much education and resources to start my journey as a color consultant. Throughout the course, Teresa even went so far as to help me edit the final project to specifically incorporate my background as a kitchen designer. My only regret is not taking this course sooner"

Danielle Jodts CACC

Color It Current

"I chose ColorIQ's online CACC course after extensive research and now, after becoming certified, I am confident this is the industry-leading educational platform for success as a color consultant. In addition to well-organized printed and online curriculum,Teresa invested in my growth by offering 1:1 weekly Zoom sessions to ensure new material was fully understood.   Having come to the program without previous color consulting experience, I established a solid foundation for color placement, conducting a consultation and starting a small business.  I also gained a mentor who continues to support my progress well past the completion of the course, inclusive of the initial investment."

Holly Cambern CACC, CACC


I am obsessed with color. For over 20 years, I helped friends and family to choose colors for the exterior and interiors of their homes.  A few years I decided to get serious and become a Certified Architectural Color Consultant (CACC) I researched and researched and I decided on the ColorIQ program with Teresa Tullio. It was the best choice decision of my life!  ColorIQ is SO much more than your average color training course - you get Teresa Tullio as part of the package. I not only learned how to specify color but I learned how to design with color. With the knowledge I learned from the courses and with Teresa as my mentor, I learned that there is so much more than just specifying color. Did you know up to 80% of your color consultation is the placement of color? Do you know how to successfully run a color business?  I now love color more than ever and I am now a successful and sought after Architectural Color Consultant. so much that I had to hire an intern to help. As my second career, I am now doing something that I absolutely love!