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“I was never told I couldn’t dance…so I did and I’m still dancing!” Teresa Tullio

Since 2001, The Business of Color has provided architectural color consulting & education (ColorIQ), and color products to both professional color designers as well as the consumer. 

It’s safe to say that my love of color extends far back to early childhood, but it wasn’t until 1992 that my gift for color was turned into a rewarding full-time career as an architectural color consultant, color designer, and teacher. With a major in fine art and a specialty in graphic design, I turned my focus to interior design.
My training in color for the built environment and my trademarked method of creating color palettes is a process that combines both creativity and design with the “educated” application of color, producing stunning, livable color palettes for both residential and commercial clients.

As a graduate of IACC/NA (International Association of Color Consultants), I also had the privilege to study under the direction of Frank Mahnke, (President of the IACC – International Association of Color Consultant/Designers and the Director of the IACCE Education/Accreditation Programs conducted worldwide)
In 2001 I opened a highly successful concept retail store, The Pure Home Color Bar in Kirkland, Washington where my full-spectrum paint line and custom colors became the popular choice for thousands of home and business owners. My personal experience includes numerous high-profile clients and 5000+ successful projects including, urban townscapes, restaurants, industrial work environments, office environments, residential homes, personal living spaces, schools, and healthcare institutions.

In 2007 I went on to create the ColorIQ certification program to share my intimate knowledge of the color industry. ColorIQ brings my color method and training to other color consultants, stagers and designers to bring additional value to their own businesses. Currently, I spend much of my time in my San Diego studio, teaching the ColorIQ program, and consulting to residential homeowners, business owners, architects, and builders.

ColorIQ is quickly becoming the #1 go-to color education program and I’m very proud and happy to be working with students from all over the world!

If you would like to chat about how you can become a Certified Architectural Color Consultant too, please email me at [email protected] or call me! It would be my pleasure to provide you with all the information!


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