Is There a Secret to Successful Color?

For as many years that I have been a color consultant and color designer, I never tire of talking about color! Never. I know that sounds cliché but it’s so true.
Just the other day, I had three separate conference calls scheduled with consultants that had graduated from the ColorIQ course and were at various stages in their businesses. They wanted to discuss project designs and get my feedback before presenting them to their clients. I realized that each of them had taken what skills they learned in the ColorIQ course and implemented them into their designs. Not one color plan was ordinary or expected!
Though they each executed their designs with clarity of design goals, sophistication, and amazing placement strategies, all I could think of was how lucky their clients were to have hired them!

This got me thinking though. What makes one Color Consultant or Color Designer better or different than others? Sure, there are many out there, from...

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